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SSVEP electrode position, on my head

Since Posterous is killed by Twitter, pictures from my blog posts about standard 10-20 system are gone. The figures are not kept  by Posterous nor sent to Blogger. So I post the pictures again, which were saved by WordPress:

I am wearing EEG cap

The pictures are about EEG electrode placement for SSVEP-BCI, according to 10-20 system (wiki: en,de). EEG is electroencephalography, which is recording of electrical signals from scalp (wiki: en,de,id). SSVEP is steady-state visually evoked potential, which is EEG signal as a response of flickering stimuli with certain frequency (wiki: en). BCI is Brain-Computer Interface (wiki: en,de).

10-20 system for EEG electrode position

The electrode position for SSVEP BCI  is Pz, PO3, PO4, O1, Oz, O2, O9 and O10. The ground is AFz and the reference is one ear lobe, either left or right. This position is used on my master thesis (book,slide).

Bremen, 6 Desember 2013


P.S. Now, I am thinking about EEG electrode position, for BCI, based on motor imagery.

via Brain Robot Research, a neuroscience blog

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Standard 10-20 system EEG & me

standard 10-20 system of electrode placement for EEG


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