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Ethical Questions on Brain Computer Interface, by Paul Root Wolpe

Paul Root Wolpe had a talk “It’s time to questions bio-engineering” on TED.

In the talk, there are applications of Brain Computer Interface (BCI):

  • Monkey controls robotic arm with brain computer interface. The monkey sits in a room watching monitor and are put on EEG electrodes. In other room, there are robotic arm and camera. The monkey can see from the monitor what happens to robotic arm in the other room through camera. First, the monkey moves his own arm and robotic arm will make the same movement. After some repetitions, the monkey stops moving his arm and the robotic arm moves with the monkey’s will.
  • Flies and other insects are put on a chip to their “brain”. Then engineers can control the insects to fly with a remote control. Infact, engineers and scientist have made breakthrough with mammals: rats. Here animals are losing the autonomy of their bodies. There are ethical questions on consciousness and autonomy.
  • Eels’ brain is put in gel which is put on electrodes. This bio-electronic system is put in a mobile robot as the main controller. The robot has a sensor and wheels. The robot can move toward the light although there are no programming codes to do so. A robot which is directly controlled by brain. (My notes: other researchers in different countries have successfully use rat brain tissues, see here)

Enjoy the video:

Nürnberg, 26 Februari 2012


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Bandung Brain Computer Interface

This is a short video of Brain Computer Interface research in Bandung, Indonesia.

The research is conducted in the School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (STEI) in Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB).


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Quadrotor Dance, Pennsylvanian style

Watch dancing nano quadrotors from GRASP Lab, University of Pennsylvania!
It is an example of swarm robotics.

GRASP is General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception. The researchs in this lab focus on robotics.


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