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Robot Generator

Today, I found an interesting link to a website how to generate robot picture.

This robot generator is developed by young japanese with a nickname Rarapima (profil,plurk,twitter). The webservice generate robot from names. For example, if I put my name “Ignatius Sapto Condro”, a picture of humanoid robot will be generated. This service is case sensitive, so you can have fun with writing combinations of your names.

Some examples:

  • “Indar Sugiarto”, see here
  • “Ignatius Sapto Condro”, see here
  • “Atmawan Bisawarna”, see here
  • “iscab saptocondro”, see here
  • “Mova Al Afghani”, see here or here
  • “Mohadig Widha Rousstia”, see here
  • “Eka Suwartadi”, see here
  • “Ulfah Siregar”, see here
  • “Vita Amanda Putri”, see here
  • “Florentin Olivia”, see here
  • “Teuku Reiza Yuanda”, see here

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